Monique Manzo

Monique Manzo (Reno)

Monique Manzo
Dancer, Teacher, Studio Owner
Owner of The Reno Empire



Dancing since 1999 – Teaching since 2003 – Studio Owner since 2017

Monique Manzo is a Reno local with a passion for building community through dance. As the studio owner of The Reno Empire, she encourages dancers of all ages and levels to explore the art form that feeds the mind, body and soul.

Monique is no stranger to being the new kid in class as she was raised in several major cities. She developed the confidence to leave the nest as soon as she could to live and pursue her dreams. After training in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Las Vegas she came back to the city she calls home to share her knowledge and began to create from the enormous amount of inspiration she had encountered.    

“Monique is a person as bright and bold as the pink hair on her head” - Kit Magpantay, student of The Reno Empire.

Known for her feminine sass and pink hair flips that can be spotted from across the floor. Monique possesses a dancing style that is as eclectic as her armory of skills. Incorporating elements of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin, Heels, and Burlesque, it is evident that there is only one word that can truly define the style of dance and artistry that Manzo creates: Fusion.

“The first time I heard a bachata remix – I fell in love. After allowing the music to takeover my soul, my body realized the many styles it could incorporate. It’s been love at first dance ever since”Monique Manzo.

Soft and sweet, hard and risqué, Monique continues to tell stories and paint pictures through dance. She is of the firm belief that it is not just steps and choreography that make a good piece. With Monique, one will learn that it is technique and choreography in combination with music and emotion that makes a true masterpiece.

With a great understanding of her dancers and students, Monique is able to tailor her choreography to the individuality and strengths of each person on her teams and in her classes. It is doubtful that a dancer, not matter his/her background, would find themselves unable to enjoy a lesson with Manzo herself. Monique’s choreography has been described as fun, sexy, and empowering. She teaches how to obtain confidence on the dancefloor and how to demand attention on stage.

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