Kathy Reyes

Kathy Reyes (San Francisco)

Kathy Reyes
NPC Competitor, Choreographer, Instructor, Performer, Competitor
Director of Kathy Reyes Dance Group



1st place - Los Angeles Bachata Competition

3rd place - World Latin Dance Cup Bachata Division
LA's Favorite Bachatera at the Golden Salsa and Bachata Awards

1st place - SSHC Bachata Competition
2nd place - World Latin Dance Cup Bachata Division

2nd place - Team World Mayan Competition
3rd place - Monsoon Couple Salsa Competiton


Currently living in the Bay Area and directing her popular dance team (KR Dancers), Kathy Reyes grew up developing an incredible passion and talent for dancing. She began her dance training at El Camino College in 2007. It was within this program that she discovered the intensity and adrenaline transmitted through her performance. In 2008 she became a member of Tropical Rhythm Dance Company, directed by Luis Aguilar. He assisted Kathy in improving her skills and expanding her ability as a performer. During her involvement as a member of Tropical Rhythm, she had the opportunity to tour for various salsa congresses and competitions. The following year, she began to express herself with the passionate and tender feeling that Bachata transmits throughout her soul.

Kathy began to acquire national attention after winning her first Bachata competition in Los Angeles, crowning herself as the top Bachata Dancer in Los Angeles. From there forward, Kathy has competed and won the following dance titles: 2nd Place in Bachata at the World Latin Dance Cup (2010), 3rd Place in Bachata at the World Latin Dance Cup (2012), and currently the Defending Los Angeles Bachata Champion, winning first place at the L.A. Bachata Festival. Kathy has also been dance partners with the owner of Chicago Bachata All Stars, Zeke Ruvalcaba, since 2011. She now travels to teach, perform, compete and judge in different cities throughout the US, Mexico and has recently debuted in Canada. Kathy also choreographed a music video called "Me Gusta", by Famous Venezuelan Artist El Potro Alvarez ft Oscarsito in 2012. Aside from her amazing work and success on the music video production, Kathy has also worked as a backup dancer for different artist such as Prince Royce, Sensato, Freddy Munoz, Sami Cultura,and JannyMarko. Kathy recently Partnered with Jo Quinones to form The First Ladies Bachata Dance Company in Los Angeles, DIVACHATA. She is currently an instructor at A Time To Dance Studio in San Diego and The Granada in LA.

t is no wonder why her journey to success has been a positive outlook for Latinas everywhere. She truly captivates the hearts of many when she sets foot onto the dance floor and is known for her unique style and interpretation of music. No doubt that her talent is a true gift from God and a blessing for others: dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with the heart takes one to a whole different level.

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