Jamba Jamba

Jamba Jamba (Angola)

Jamba Jamba
Co-founder of Puro Sabor Dance Group
Producer of the Balumuka Festival



Jamba, aka "Babalu jr" comes from Angola where he had been, since his childhood, involved in many projects related to culture. On his way to Prague (Czech Republic), he started his choreographic career with the Ango-B group and then joined the BA-TO-CU group.

In all logic and to give full measure to his talent, he then founded the dance group Puro Sabor with Ruben Peguera and Danays Drake.

In 2010 he opened the first Afro-Latin dance school in the Czech Republic devoting most of his teaching in these dances.

Since then, he has cooperated with many foreign dance schools traveling every weekend to share his experience and tremendous energy around the world.
Craftsman of the exceptional atmosphere of the previous edition, Jamba is an integral part of the BEMBE family, and it would be inconceivable to see a new edition without him.

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