Orlan Mat

Orlan Mat (Los Angeles)

Orlan Mat
Zouk instructor and DJ



A DJ and a dance instructor, Orlan "DJ Cal Z" Mat, currently helps organize monthly Salsa social and teaches at the Liz Lira Dance Academy in West Los Angeles, where he is both DJ and teaches Bachata Sensual, Zouk Fusion, Salsa and Urban Kizomba. Liz Lira is a 25x Latin Dance Champion, choreographer of Marc Anthony Music Video and 3 seasons with SYTYCD TV shows along with Dancing with the stars. In Orlan's early teenage years growing up in Los Angeles, he was a dance practice partner for LA's Disney youth dance program congress. At an early age in Disney, he attended workshops in Ballroom Dancing, Salsa, Contemporary, and Hip Hop. Nine years ago, he moved to Europe and continued dancing Salsa and shared his passion teaching LA Style Salsa.

Orlan kept learning many different dance styles including all styles of Salsa on1 & on2, Neo Zouk, Bachata Sensual and Urban Kizomba from many Festival workshops in Europe with big name artists. He helped grow the Aarhus Mambo Klub in Denmark from having four people to today, with hundreds in festival attendance. He is known in the global Zouk community, as he is a part of the International Zouk organizing team teaching choreographies (www.internationalzouk.com). Coming back to his childhood hometown of Los Angeles in 2012, he then helped the Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and Kizomba communities grow by DJ'ing and teaching Zouk and Kizomba, while maintaining his love for different styles of Salsa and Bachata.

Orlan has both DJ'd and instructed at festivals in Europe and in the USA. He was the first Zouk-dedicated DJ in the Zouk community in California, while also helping San Francisco and San Diego dancers along with the LA Zouk Congress with Kizomba. He was the first DJ who maintained the after party on the deck of the Queen Mary Boat from midnight till literally pass Sunrise 10AM breakfast time. He has DJ'd at all three Latin Festivals in Las Vegas, including the AfroLatin Las Vegas Festival, where he initiated its growing Zouk room for the past four years. He initiated Kizomba and Zouk rooms in the LA Bachata Festival, Los Angeles BKS, Grizzly Dance Festival and he recently DJ'ed in the first 2017 Aventura Dance Cruise in LA. He also performed recently at the LA Salsa Festival in Hollywood and both the Summer LABF and LVSBC. Outside of California and Nevada, he has DJ'd the USA Bachata Kizomba Festival in NJ, Grand Canyon Salsa Festival, Portugal International Symposium Festival, Summer Breeze Amsterdam, and the recent 2018 Copenhagen Kizomba Festival with Zouk. Most recently, Orlan was an instructor DJ for the 2018 Salsa in Hawaii, the Cancun Salsa Bachata Festival, and helped organize events, DJ, and teach at the new Liz Lira Dance Experience 2018 Classic in West Los Angeles.

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