Alex & Kim

Alex Lee & Kim Nodora (San Francisco)

Alex Lee & Kim Nodora



Alex Lee is a 22 year Fulltime Firefighter, Father of 3, and professional salsa dancer since 2003. He was trained by Ava Apple and Luis Rosa who were specialists in mixing acrobatics in with their core of on 1 salsa. Over the years, Alex won several major competitions, including 1 world championship.

Kim Nodora is a mother of 3 and a soon to be registered nurse. She was also trained by Ava Apple. She began dancing salsa professionally with Alex in 2005. Together, they have travelled the world performing their own brand of lifts and tricks that focus on speed, elevation, timing, and danger.

Their focus has always been their audience, for it is they that matters the most in a performance, and it is the crowd that drives their passion to be onstage. 
The two of them retired in 2009 to focus on their families. After 8 years of getting lazy, overweight, and out of shape, they decided to give it one more shot. In 2017 they got back in the studio and started to train. After one year of nothing but rehearsals, sweat, and being old – they made it back on stage. Now they’re back and stronger than ever. Even though their combined age is in the low 90’s, they continue to defy time by flying higher and faster than they ever have.

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