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Heidi Armas & Orlando Alvarado (Reno)

Heidi Armas



Heidi Armas & Orlando Alvarado are some of Reno’s best dance instructors and performers. They’ve been dancing bachata since 2010 and have taught together since 2013 in the Reno area. They have trained with some of the best salsa and bachata instructors from all over the U.S. Both are former dance team members of Island Touch Bachata teams and have performed in several festivals and events all over the west coast over the last 5 years. Heidi is also a current member of Maria Ramos’ Womanity team.

Orlando’s love and experience of urban & sensual bachata makes him a great instructor for proper lead technique and lead styling.

Heidi’s background experience in Belly Dancing and her passion for Dominican bachata footwork makes her the perfect instructor to teach body movement technique, ladies styling and footwork.

They both know and teach the importance of bachata foundations and how to be a good social dancer. With Heidi and Orlando you will learn proper body movements, lead and follow technique, fun footwork, musicality and styling. They always make their lessons fun and unique and have great energy when teaching together.

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