Billy & Monica Kay

Billy & Monica Kay (Houston)

Billy & Monica Kay
Co-directors of Kizomba Harmony



Billy and Monica Kay are co-directors of Kizomba Harmony, a dance company based in Houston, TX and are among the most highly trained, versatile, and effective Kizomba/Semba/Urban teachers in the industry. They have traveled all over the world to teach and train with the world’s top talents, and still do. As instructors, they have taught or performed in 15 countries (and counting), and have logged hundreds of hours of IN-DEPTH training with over 30 other world-class instructors in Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha, African Body Movement, Soukous, Urban Kiz/2.0/French Style Kizomba and other African Rhythms.

In addition, Billy and Monica Kay placed as International Finalists (top ten couples in the world!) at the 2016 edition of AfricaDancar, the most prestigious Kizomba competition in the world, having the honor of being only the second USA couple to ever do so. They are co-founders of the Kizomba Harmony African Dance Experience (KHADE), the first African Dance festival of its kind in North America focused on providing an all-inclusive dance experience promoting Kizomba, Semba, Urban, as well as other Afro-Rhythms within an all-inclusive resort experience. Go to for more details.

They are also creators of the first downloadable kizomba instructional app for iOS and Android platforms called Kizomba To Go™ with happy customers in 75 countries around the world and counting, and they will soon be launching their online lesson portal Kizomba To Go™ Online! Go to and get a head start to prepare for the kizomba workshops with Kizomba Harmony!

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