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DJ Relleo

Terrell M. Bailey

In little over three years, Terrell rise to prominence has been remarkable, his debut of “Suffocate”, which showcased his underground approach, fusing RnB with a Latin vibe into something with more sensual and full of flavor, which left the audience wanting more. He began making music at the age of 16, initially gospel and RnB, but that eventually developed in to a new wave project “RnBachata” over the course of a decade, which sparked interest from listeners all around the south region part of the United States. Known for his broad range of inventive “RnB” music that nimbly straddles minimal, progressive and unique forms of Bachata, his sound isn’t easily pigeonholed, but signature elements appear throughout his back catalogue, emotive melodic development, unique incidental sound usage, and his regular foray in using Latin styled drums and percussion, which combine to fuel his continually evolving sound. With multiple of projects in works, this is only the beginning. "Relleo” has a mission and he is going to do whatever it takes to make sure that mission is accomplish.


Having had been introduced to the original 4 elements of Hip-Hop by his older brother DJ and Emcee WonWay Posibul, DJ MigZ has had the opportunity to explore them at different points in his life. However once he reached community college he found a passion in Latin Dancing. He reflected on his life as being the wall flower at parties and was too shy to even ask a girl a dance. after some time of dancing at his community college, DVC, he quickly moved up in the dance world and was regarded as a talent by many. He left the bay area and set off to Davis, CA to complete his education. While at UC Davis, DJ MigZ found himself at the Davis graduate attending the weekly Tuesday Salsa Night. He befriended the DJ and the crowd with his passion for the music and community. on Jan. 17th he was given his opportunity to DJ at the Grad for salsa night... and while it was a rough beginning as it is for many DJs, MigZ found himself pleasing the crowd with a wide variety of music. After much time MigZ was able to reboot salsa night at the grad and recreate one of the most successful Tuesday events that Sacramento and the Bay that had not been seen in some time.

DJ El Guapo

Jeison Aguilar

DJ El Guapo is a salsa DJ from San Francisco who has been involved in the Latin dance scene for over 20 years. He has DJ'ed at major events such as the San Francisco International Bachata Festival, Reno Bachata Festival, and the San Francisco Salsa Congress. He also DJ's regularly at events such as Bachata Nights at GlasKat and Pura Nightclub in SF.

DJ Mundo

DJ Mundo has been a popular salsa DJ for over 8 years, playing at events in the entire Bay Area including bachata and salsa congresses. He’s known for an energetic mix of salsa, bachata, and merrengue, as well as hard salsa (salsa dura) and mambo for dancers and can be found DJing every Wednesday at the Agenda Lounge in San Jose and Thursdays at the Blue Fin in Monterey, as well as special events such as the US Salsa Open and SF Salsa Congress.

DJ Mundo is also an experienced salsa instructor and he can be found giving salsa lessons at many of the events he DJ's at.

DJ Ron

Ron Palma

DJ Ron has been influenced by the music he's heard as child (Cuco Valoy - El Brujo, Oscar D'León, Lalo Rodriguez, Tommy Olivencia, etc.) and from listening to the radio, the best of the 80’s Hip Hop (Eric B. & Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, De La Soul, Gang Starr, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, EPMD). He began DJ'ing after a good friend saw the passion Ron had and suggested he try it. Watching people react to the music he plays is what makes him want to continue DJ'ing. Has a strong passion for music and dance. Currently he is a member/performer/resident DJ of Northern California's, Inessence Dance Co. He is also the resident DJ at Hot Bachata Nights (San Francisco) at HUE and Dance Fridays (San Francisco) at Space 550. He has participated in many of the West Coast dance festivals.

DJ Super Chino

Jairo Aguilar

DJ Super Chino hails from Nicaragua and has been a DJ in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2001. Formerly a competitive dancer, DJ Super Chino has an intimate understanding of the music and history of salsa and bachata.

He is well known for his extensive collection of rare and hard-to-find tracks, and has been a featured DJ on the Hard Salsa radio show, as well as the San Francisco International Salsa Congress, San Francisco Salsa Festival, US Salsa Open, International Reno Bachata Festival, International San Francisco Bachata Festival, and the Reno Salsa Festival.

In addition to his reputation as a salsa DJ, Super Chino also plays Hip hop, Reaggeton, Top 40 Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, and Cumbia.

Jairo is the brother of 2x World Salsa Champion Luis Aguilar and is the resident DJ of US Open Champions Couture Dance Alliance.
DJ Billy the Kiz

DJ Billy the Kiz

DJ Billy the Kiz is a talented and versatile DJ, able to keep the dance floor popping whether the crowd prefers Kizomba/Semba, Urban, or loves it all like he does! If DJ Billy the Kiz is behind the decks, you can rest assured you're going to have a great night!

DJ Zorro

Medardo Herrera

DJ ZORRO, voted Best Club DJ in 2009 by the Reno News and Review, has been playing for the Salsa and Bachata community since 2007 and known for playing the rhythms of salsa, bachata, cumbia, merengue, reggaeton, and club music. He has been a resident DJ in places like Pearl Nightclub and Nikki Beach at the Grand Sierra Resort, Aura Lounge inside the Silver Legacy, West St. Market in downtown Reno, Bodega Nightclub, and Edge Nightspot inside the Peppermill Casino. He is the first local DJ to play at the international Reno Bachata Festivals and has also played at the San Francisco Bachata Festivals as well. He likes to bring the best music to keep the dancing crowd on the dance floor, have a good time, meet new friends, and works on getting better all the time. He has opened for bands like “Salsambo”, “Avance”, “Freddy Muñoz”, “Domenic Marte”, “Salsa Clave”, “Grupo Extremo” , “La Raza Band” , “Monchy y Nathalia” and others. You can find him on facebook.com/DJZORRO.RENO.
DJ Mendoza

DJ Mendoza

DJ Mendoza is one of the most sought after DJ’s in Calgary. From night clubs to salsa congresses and anything in between, he amazes his audience with his ability to keep the dance floor packed. Bernard is particularly known for reading the crowd during his sets and directing his music towards his audience, while feeding off their energy. With over 9 years of experience, Bernard strives to make each set unique by combining current Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba music with the quality and nostalgic beats of the past.

In 2003 Bernard’s love for the music first came from the love of dance. Before becoming a DJ, he was a performer for Salsa Mecca and Salsa Rica Dance Company based out of Calgary, Alberta. As with most beginners, he began to throw small Salsa Parties throughout the year for the University of Calgary Student Dance Club, which eventually grew to become one of the top salsa events in Calgary. Soon after he began donating his time to DJ fundraisers throughout the city, like Salsa for a Cure and Drop In and Dance for the homeless, just to name a few. Soon DJ gigs came rolling in after that and he played in most of the major salsa/bachata events all over the city and across the country, such as the Calgary International Salsa Congress, Expo Latino After Party and the Toronto International Bachata Congress.

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