Mario & Laury

Mario & Laury (France)

Mario Jordao & Laury Esmerelda
National Champions of Angola
Directors of Esmerelda School Company



National Champions of Kizomba and Semba - Angola


The passion for dance from Mario Jordao started in his infancy, with his family and in his neighborhood (as it is customary in Africa). To understand, interpret, and transmit the Kizomba and Semba (social), he entered the Kadengues Unidos school in Angola in 2007. In this same school, he learned other styles like waltz. After nearly three years of learning, he became a professor of Kizomba and Semba (social) dances for the school Semba Quintal No (Angola) in 2010. His passion for his work and perfection wass rewarded in Angola in 2015, when he was crowned champion of the National Competition of Kizomba and Semba (social) dances. This great but modest worker has integrated with Esmeralda Company in Paris, with the aim to show and share the Angolan culture through authentic teaching from the root. But, also to learn from others and live in our time because it is within a community we find happiness.

Laury Esmeralda is a Kizomba teacher and founder of the Esmeralda Company Kizomba School, placed 3rd at Africadançar 2013, and was the winner of the competition Semba show France in 2013. Her objective is to preserve the cultural authenticity of kizomba and the respect for dance in general. From classical dance, she instills in her students a certain rigor in the posture. Furthermore she focuses on maintaining partner connection and detailed explanations that are as clear as possible for optimal understanding and application from the students. She was the first dance partner of many recognized Kizomba teachers on the international scene. It is after her first trip to Angola that she decided to create her own school. She accompanied many famous artists on the scene, such as Bonga, Guilou Lafages, Kondé Martins Eddy Tussa and many others.
Laury Esmeralda and Mario Jordao pursuing the same objective with great passion and sharing this with students has attracted attention on the international stage. They are nevertheless very happy to be in Paris to promote dance and culture, because they are inseparable. They are therefore the main teachers of the Esmeralda School Company.

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