Anthony Rodríguez & Carla Torres Fenech (Spain)

Anthony Rodríguez & Carla Torres Fenech
International Masters of Bachata Dominicana, specializing in Dominican Flow



Anthony Rodríguez was born in 1981 in Katanga, a neighborhood of Santo Domingo (República Dominicana), native to the land of merengue, bachata and the majestic Caribbean tropics. Today known as "Chola", a pioneer of traditional Bachata in the Valencia, Spain. From his childhood, he loved dancing and birthday parties, because the neighbors' houses would become huge floors where Bachata and Merengue were danced.

His love for music and dance came through listening to a lot of music at his home  through the radio station "Guarachita", which at that time was the only station that played bachata, bolero, guaracha, etc. He had his first contact with the folklore of his country at the age of 8 years, taking part in a choreographic group of Merengue, Bachata and Mangulina. At the age of 16 he went to Bávaro - Punta Cana working as an animator and taking part in some shows, where he had the opportunity to train with the choreographers of the most important hotels in the Dominican Republic. At the age of 23, he arrived in Barcelona, Spain with only the dream of setting up his own dance school. Today, he works as a dancer, instructor, and director of the dance school "Esencia del baile" in Valencia, Spain.

Due to her great interest in dance at four years old, Carla Torres Fenech's mother pointed her to dance as an extracurricular activity. When she was 6 years old, she changed to a specialized academy in preparation for tests for access to a professional dance conservatory. Thanks to these studies, she was accepted at 8 years with great success. She trained for four years in the elementary level, where she studied classical dance, Spanish dance, and contemporary dance. As a result of her great motivation and passion, she had no doubt in taking part in the entrance exams at the middle level. After being admitted, she chose the speciality of contemporary dance, following within the base of the specialty, but with a very important base of classical dance. At 18 years old, she finished 10 years of study in dance and she started being interested in Latin dances. At the same time, she knew a pioneer of Dominican bachata in Valencia, her current work and personal partner, who had no doubts whether to train and specialize Carla in pure Dominican bachata. Today she works as a dancer, instructor, and director of the dance school "Esencia del baile" in Valencia, Spain.

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