Alejandro Rey & Erica Nicole (LA)

Alejandro Rey
The Biggest Mexican
Director of Paso de Oro Dance Company


Erica Nicole
International Dance Instructor, Choreographer, Model, Bartender
Co-Director of Paso de Oro Dance Company



Alejandro Rey is a 6-Time Los Angeles Area Bachata Champion. He is also known for his Urban/R&B dancing and is also culturally inclined as a traditional Mexican folk dancer. He has instructed and performed internationally at some of the largest Latin dance festivals in the world. Known as "The Biggest Mexican", he has also danced on multiple English and Spanish language TV programs, as well as in movies and music videos.

Erica Nicole is a former model and Cal State University of Fullerton graduate who helps direct Paso De Oro Dance Company. She has performed and taught internationally and across the US with her partner, Alejandro Rey. She has also danced in many music videos and has appeared in movies.

Together, they direct multiple teams within Paso De Oro Dance Company of all ages and skill levels. They own and operate Steps of Gold Dance Studio in Whittier, CA.

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